Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas '09 and Beyond...

For Christmas this year (my year to spend with my family) we all decided to congregate in Oregon at Ty and Molly's house. It really does not matter where we are, or what we are doing... we have fun together, as a family. JJ and I arrived in McMinnville on Christmas Eve, and stayed until the 28. Then we traveled to Spokane to see his parents via Ellensburg and Moses Lake, all the while catching up with friends and lots of family. Good times!
My pictures are random, and in true "Erin Fashion", because I have not blogged in forever (thank you to all of you who sent me "gentle" reminders), there are a ton of them!

Definitely the highlight of spending time with the Matthews' clan was getting to live in Maya's world for a few days. She is the most precious niece in the entire world, and I already miss her so much!

Auntie lovin' on the Princess Pea...

Ty had just gotten home from work, and Maya was already in her Christmas Eve gown. Oh, my gosh! The dress was twice as big as she was and several times she lost her toys under her poofy skirt! It was so funny!

The B.I.L.s: Brother-in-Laws. Nuff said.

And Christmas morning! Molly shows off her pretty, new gifts.

And Brock shows off his pretty, new gifts. A ha ha ha!
And then Brock is done; has had all the fun he wants to have for the night.
Time to go to bed!

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