Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Times...

Happy Mom and Dad!

Trying out the new merchandise... I have to admit, this carrier was a little confusing at first :0)

JJ with the stroller that is seriously the size of a compact car! It's a good thing that we have a mini van to put it in! (Don't make fun, all you mini van haters!)

Nursery fabric! My Auntie is going to make us baby quilts, and we are decorating the nursery around this colorful palette.

Preggers With Twins...

I have had many, many requests to post "belly pictures" and I honestly didn't realize that I would be rather shy about this! I have surprised myself with this sentiment. Nevertheless, I need to be better about keeping in touch, so here goes...

Tummy at just over 4 months

4 1/2 months; if you see a BIG difference, please remember that I have two urchins that I am toting around with me! LOL!

JJ's favorite...

My favorite...

This was taken just a couple of days ago. I am now just over 5 months, and REALLY showing! Not to mention, the camera angle is not terribly flattering!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas '09 and Beyond...

For Christmas this year (my year to spend with my family) we all decided to congregate in Oregon at Ty and Molly's house. It really does not matter where we are, or what we are doing... we have fun together, as a family. JJ and I arrived in McMinnville on Christmas Eve, and stayed until the 28. Then we traveled to Spokane to see his parents via Ellensburg and Moses Lake, all the while catching up with friends and lots of family. Good times!
My pictures are random, and in true "Erin Fashion", because I have not blogged in forever (thank you to all of you who sent me "gentle" reminders), there are a ton of them!

Definitely the highlight of spending time with the Matthews' clan was getting to live in Maya's world for a few days. She is the most precious niece in the entire world, and I already miss her so much!

Auntie lovin' on the Princess Pea...

Ty had just gotten home from work, and Maya was already in her Christmas Eve gown. Oh, my gosh! The dress was twice as big as she was and several times she lost her toys under her poofy skirt! It was so funny!

The B.I.L.s: Brother-in-Laws. Nuff said.

And Christmas morning! Molly shows off her pretty, new gifts.

And Brock shows off his pretty, new gifts. A ha ha ha!
And then Brock is done; has had all the fun he wants to have for the night.
Time to go to bed!

Christmas '09 and Beyond... Random Pics

This is my dad. Yes he is quiet, but he does have the FUNNIEST sense of humor. Here he is demonstrating (look at picture #2) the alarming fact that the older men get, the more their butts shrink! It's true! We have proof!

Sister hit a winner with Brock's hat and shirt! OK, really, the credit for the shirt goes to JJ.

And Christmas would not be complete without a strange, and well.... cute? gift from my mom.

Probably my favorite picture of JJ and Maya. He was definitely her favorite family member by far!

Thanks to my family, JJ and I both wound up with Chuck Taylors. I wear mine everywhere, even to the Jazz games, and their colors are blue, purple and white. Hey! Pink goes with everything!

We were all totally impressed that Christie stepped it up and played rock band with us. She... well... she ROCKED! My mom had never played before, and although the guitar was set to easy, she hit 79% on her first try! WOW!

Christmas '09 and Beyond (cont.)

After leaving Ty and Molly's house, and on our way through the Columbia Gorge, I MADE JJ stop at Multnomah Falls. It was sooooo cold and the wind was blowing; we literally ran from the truck to the falls, snapped three pictures and ran back! Totally worth it!

Not so cute of me, but an awsome picture of the husband!

We traveled to Spokane via Ellensburg - we stayed with Uncle Rick and Aunt Gretchen and had our traditional taco feast (YUM!) in the 'burg - and while in Spokane we saw JJ's grandma, my grandpa, and Chipper and Chuckar (see below.)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brock's Salt Lake City Visit...

I am a little more than behind on blogging; Brock's visit was two weekends ago, and I am just now getting to it. I apologize. We had so much fun, but we never have enough time - so we packed everything we could think of in four days. Lagoon (the amusement park in Salt Lake) was one of the highlights - all the other highlights will have to be stored in our memories as I didn't take any other pictures. Oh, such a bad sister!

I insisted that we play the "Horse Racing" game; Brock won.

And we got airbrushed tatoos. I acutally had one lady ask me if mine was real... she said that the purple color of the monkey was exactly what she had been looking for... ummm... OK?

JJ loves to play games, and more often than not, he wins! We give the prizes away to little kids - I love to see the look on their faces when they get a toy.

Brock's Visit... (cont.)

I wait and wait, and most often, not very patiently, for my brother to come down and cut my hair! Oh, the luxury!

Brock and I found a yummy looking pancake mix (and it truly was delicious), so we tried it out Saturday morning.

And being the wackos that we are, we had to arrange the ingredients with our new favorite pancake mix front and center so that we could get a good picture.


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