Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moving Up...

So before I blogged about the big "Spring Clean", which in all reality is ironic because our home has become an even bigger mess with all the work that we have been doing. The exciting news is that JJ and I are now able to sell the mobile home and move into an actual house! We are thrilled! We have done a ton of work to our house so that we can improve the "curb appeal", and below are pictures of my new flower beds. This is the very first time that I have planted my own shrubs and plants, and I am happy to report that they are all still alive, save one that sadly left us just yesterday. Oh, well. One out of about 60 is pretty good, I would say. Happy planting to all of you!

My gloves were wet after hosing them off - this one is drying :0)

This is the front of our house, facing the street.

The side of the house, leading up to the front door.

And the "Welcome Bird". He will move with us to our new home, and find a happy place in a new flower bed.

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