Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Friends...

Not only are the two dogs very much attracted to kids, but kids are attracted to dogs, something that I was reminded of two days ago in the park. Normally it is my two puppies that rush up to anyone approximately their own size; today it was the other way around. We were not in the park for two minutes before I found myself totally surrounded by a loving (and rather chatty) group of Samoan kids, who wound up rolling on the ground, dogs licking kids, and kids licking dogs. Oh, jeez! They let me take their picture with the promise that each child would receive their own copy on Monday - I better make good on that promise, otherwise I will not have anyone to wear my dogs out! LOL

From the left: NaNa (don't ask me how to spell his actual name, let alone pronounce it!), Samboy, Cheyanne and Emma.

The dogs are in Heaven! So much attention!

This picture is so cute - blurry, but cute! Samboy plays stick with them every day, and usually they wind up running and chasing after one another.

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