Sunday, January 11, 2009

January Sleepover at Auntie Erin's...

I have been feeling really guilty lately because I have been promising these three girls (my "neices", who are actually the daughters of JJ's and my good friends) a sleepover for about six months now. With my crazy schedule, and my being out of town for what seemed like "forever" to them, I have had to put them off, until last Friday night. We started the night with a yummy dinner of chicken nuggets, tater tots and canned fruit (OK, well the kids loved it - and if truth be told, my husband too! :0). Then Elyssa brought out her new soda pop making kit, and gave us a sample of her favorite concoctions. I liked the Cherry Vanilla the best! In the meantime, I started assembling the gingerbread houses, and JJ made home-made chocolate chip cookies, which are always a hit! Finally, after an activity filled night, the girls put on their PJs and settled into their bed on the "sofa sleeper" to watch Ice Age - the Meltdown with some air-popped popcorn (my favorite Christmas gift from JJ) and juice. Whew! What a night!!!

All three girls snuggled into a queen-sized hida-bed, and would have slept tight as bugs in rugs if it had not been for the fact that Auntie Erin forgot and left the kitchen window open all night (which was originally due to a fallen tater tot in the oven that left the kitchen filled with smoke)! OOPS! Sorry, ladies!!!

Very happy with our finished product. From left to right: Taylor, Cheyenne and Elyssa.

And I just could not leave out the other two members of our party: yes, they are girls, too! True to lab form, they were in the middle each of the activities all night long (and they may have even gotten a little snack or two, as well.)


Stacey said...

I have been consumed with the decor for natalie's wedding and it was so nice that I did not have to worry about elyssa that night or the next morning. I love the pics!!!! I have heard many stories about the girls helping with the ginger bread houses and the home made cookies, My kids love uncle JJ's cookies!!! Thank you my friend I love you, give hugs to JJ for me.

Jesse, Christa and Marshall said...

How fun! You and JJ are so nice for doing stuff like that. And what a good sport JJ is to deal with all the estrogen. Even the dogs are girls.

Hey Rachie Kae said...

Oh, I love that. I am thankful you are there for Tay and Chey. Praise the Lord for your love for them.


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